Legal Marriage Paper

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Legal Marriage Paper

Bali is one of the wedding destinations in the world, where the couple may have their religious marriage, wedding commitment, and also legal wedding. For the legal wedding, it requires some legal marriage paper to be prepared prior to your arrival in Bali. Your Bali Wedding Planner will assist to proceed your paperworks to both religion and registry office.

What kind of legal marriage paper required ?

The legal marriage in Bali can be registered if the wedding couple already possesed a religious marriage certificate based on the religion of the couple and recorgnized by Indonesian Gorvernment. Bellow are the requirement for legal marriage who are holding or follower of  Christian, Catholic, Hindu, and Budhism religion, and only valid for foreigners wedding couple:

  • Copy passport, the passport must be valid at least 6 months accounted since your arrival date in Bali
  • Copy Birth Certificate, your birth certificate must be translated into bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translator. It can be done by sworn translator in Indonesia. Your Bali Wedding Planner can assist this translation process
  • Letter of Non-Impediment of Marriage or some country issue Swear Affidavit Letter. This type of letter can be issued by your country representative in Indonesia or Bali which is called Embassy Office or Consulate Office. The Letter of Non-Impediment of Marriage issued by Embassy or Consulate Office based in Indonesia is in Bahasa Indonesia but otherwise need to be translated into Bahasa Indonesia as well. This type of letter can also be obtained in your country issued by Registry Office or any other related office. Kindly note each country has their own rule on issuing Letter of Non-impediment of Marriage. This information is written as a general information only. Further detail information on this letter you need to engage to  Bali Wedding planner .
  • Copy passport or ID card of your witnesses, Legal marriage needs 2 witnesses, and the witnesses must be over 17 years old (adult )
  • Shoulder photo, a photo together between bride and groom, the bride and groom sit side by side, red background is required, size 4 x 6 CM. This shoulder photo will be attached on your  marriage certificate. This photo can also be printed in Bali to fit the size, and your Bali wedding planner can help with this. Just send them the softcopy via email. They can edit for back ground color requested.
  • Fill Wedding application form, this wedding application form contains all detail information such as full name, place and date of birth, and both parents detail. The wedding application form can be supplied or provided by your Bali wedding Planner

We are at Overseas how we manage these paperworks?

You may send all your wedding documents copies to your Bali wedding Planner, and then they will proceed it to Bali registry office. The only original document required is Letter of non Impediment of Marriage.

How Many days prior to Marriage needed

All your above documents need to be sent to Bali Wedding Planner office one month prior to your wedding date. It can be sent via email and the original document, especially Letter of Non-Impediment of Marriage need to brought with you when you come to Bali, but if your Letter of non impediment is issued in Bali by your embassy or consulate office, you need to arrive in Bali in advance and an appointment is required. Your Bali wedding planner can arrange the appointment on your behalf.

Any fee levied by embassy or Consulate office ?

Yes, it is absolutely. There is a charge for issuing Letter of Non-Impediment of Marriage, again the rule of each countries are different, you need to contact your embassy or consulate or your Bali Wedding Planner regarding how to issue your letter of non impediment of marriage.

Any Certificate received after marriage in Bali ?

Your will receive two marriage certificates, one from Religion Office and one from Registry Office. The certificate issued by Registry Office is part of your legal marriage registration which is also recognized by your country

Legal Marriage paper for Mix Marriage

The mix marriage is the marriage between either Indonesian bride or groom with foreigners. They have different procedure on registration of marriage. The registration of marriage for Mix Marriage will be done at the Registry Office of the Indonesian bride/groom where his/her ID Card is registered. For example, the marriage between British citizen (groom) and Indonesian bride and the bride ID Card is registered in Jakarta, so in Bali only able to do religious ceremony and then the legal marriage registration can be done in Jakarta. You need to come to Jakarta Registry Office with your documents such as: Religious marriage certificate issued, and all the above documents, and also document of your Indonesian wife or husband. The Jakarta Registry Office then will register your marriage and issue your legal marriage certificate.

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