Legal Marriage In Bali

Legal marriage in Bali

Legal Marriage in Bali 

Generally   for any  citizen from all over the world  who need  get married legally in Bali will need the following documents :

  • Copy passport
  • Copy birth certificate , it must be translate into Bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translator
  • Letter of non impediment issued by  by embassy or consulate office based in Indonesia or Bali
  • An absolute divorce decree is required if either one  been marriage previously and it must be translated into Bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translator
  • Shoulder adjoining photo between bride and groom , size  4 x 6 cm , need  8 pcs ,red back ground
  • Two witnesses including their copy Id or Passport
  • Form A  from hotel`s registration ( provided by hotel )
  • Police report that  the couple stay a hotel in Bali 

What do you need  to do before  register your marriage legally ?

Base on Indonesian Law that  your legal marriage in Bali can be registered into  Registry office  if they already posses a religious ceremony  base on the religion recognized in Indonesia .Those are : Christian , Catholic , Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim , Kong Hucu .If you order a service  of Bali wedding planner so they will do it on your behalf and  at additional cost .Your Legal Marriage in Bali can be done at the same  venue as your  religous wedding venue 

What do we need to prepare for our religious marriage ?

For religious marriage is much depend on what religious ceremony  you plan to have  but  the couple must be on the same religion .further detail information you may chat with your Bali wedding Planner 

What  document need to be prepare if  I Merry  Indonesian   Bride or groom

For Indonesian Bride  or groom  who their ID card registered outside Bali , and he/she need to register their  marriage in their origin issuing ID  Card or called KTP ( Kartu tanda Penduduk ) :

  • Copy Id card  or KTP
  • Copy Akte Lahir
  • Letter free of marriage  from registry office , the process can be started from RT /RW , kelurahan Letter of  delegation to order  Bali registry office to register the marriage , other option  she / he may register  the marriage at  your  registry office where your  ID card is registered  and base on the religious marriage certificate issued in Bali
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