Get Married in Bali Villas

Bali villa wedding

Why Get Married  Bali Villas?

Get Married Bali villas is new trend.The new accommodation trend now in Bali having so rapid  development of  private villas either for wedding venue or just for your family holiday.For a smooth  operation without any hitch of any licensee those villas be a member of Bali villa association.

Procedure get married Bali villas

Some villa located in the remote area,so tranquil but for holding any  event must get a permit from a local legal community association which called “ Banjar Dinas ” and Banjar Adat .Banjar dinas has it is  own important  rule and control about migration of the population to include visitor who will stay in their area for certain days .For holding an event the villas must report to  Banjar adat  and there is a little fee must be contributed  to the Banjar adat .so most of the villas will charge  venue fee and Banjar fee once they confirm you wedding in the Villa.There a minimum stay required  some villas  asking for 3 night minimum stay and much depend on the  tourist season .the are some recommended  beach front villa for your wedding venue like  villa Teresa, villa hanani ,the sahita villa,the khayangan villa  and Bayuh SabhaVilla , Villa Pemutih , Villa Karang kembar 3,Latitude villa, villa Sinaran surga ,chalina estate, villa phalosa,villa  Anucara 

Get Married Bali Villas need wedding planner?

Get married  Bali Villas offers you more benefits such us more privacy , you may bring your own catering,florist and  own  beverages in.To control all arrangement need a hand of wedding planner and coordinator start from preparation till end of your event.

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