Balinese Wedding Ceremony

Bali Wedding Ceremony in Bali

Bali Wedding is part of the life stage of human being in Bali and other area in the world. however every couple , every region in Indonesia have their tradition of a custom on how conducting a wedding ceremony .Not only the ceremony but they have a diversity on wedding dress as well .

Bali Wedding Ceremony in Balinese Word

In Balinese word wedding can be translated into NGANTEN .Nganten mean two person with different in gender has proclaimed that they have falling in love each other and step forward to legalize their union through a ceremonial rite of Hindu .They wedding system in Bali called “Patrilineal”which mean the bride will leave her family and follow the groom’s Family .

Balinese Life after Bali Wedding ceremony

In the past the Balinese Family can be very big as after bali wedding ceremony stay together with parent or can say they live in one compound but nowdays not any more. Most Family now live independently with their new family due to they have to looking for a job outside the village or already been assigned far away from Family.

How to find supposes for Bali wedding

For Bali Wedding for most Balinese wedding couple that the Balinese groom may find his beloved partner by him self or can be marriage by choice .Marriage by choice of parent is no more used in Bali due to give many bed effect or caused so many divorces and therefore the parent will let his son or daughter find their own partner.

Caste system effects Bali Wedding ceremony?

The Balinese people still following caste system,this caste is grouped since Bali led by the King ,the king giving a job to support the government activities,a group of people assigned for manage ,prepare a ceremony to include blessing for Bali Wedding, this group of people called Brahmin or brahmana.most of Brahmin will find supposes from Brahmin as well but nowdays some brahmin also accept wife coming from other caste.The holy Priest or Pedanda are coming from this group of people.The preparation to be a Priest is really hard , she or he must learnt and prepare him herself with all knowledge they should know to include understand offering ,Veda. The Brahmin people normally communicate with higher level of language called locally “ Bahasa Halus” Bali Wedding in their language called “PAWIWAHAN “. The second group of People called”Kesatria” this group of people are assigned to be a knight of the Kingdom or as a military .the 3rd group called Waisya, this group of people assigned to manage the economy of the Kingdom ,the last group or the 4th called ‘Sudra”They had assigned to manage all the farming activities,fisherman and so on .For the Bali wedding some of the above group of people still fanatic and they must get married with the person which are coming from the same group but some people ignore it .

Where Bali Wedding taken place

For the Bali wedding normally taken place in the family house compound and all promise and blessing carried out in the family temple .
Bali Wedding Ceremony different compare to other region in Indonesia

Since the Patrelinial system so for all couple will passing some process to get married .1st called ‘Masedekang “,the groom family ( father ,mother and groom ) will come to bride’s house to state that their son falling in love to their daughter and wish to marry her .some question from the bride’s parent will be addressed to the groom ,like history how they met each otherand reconfirm again if the groom really loving the bride .If they the bride parents agreed so it can be processed with finding out a good day for their wedding dateor Balinese called it “ Dewasa” dewasa mean matureor good .The wedding date has been decided so they may proceed to appoint out about when the bride will be picked up and taken to groom familly,this process called NGIDIH or MAPADIK .During MAPADIKthe big Family of the groom will come alongto bride’s house and also the bride`s family ready to welcome the groom and big family .

The name change after Bali wedding ceremony?

The head civil villagers called kelian dinas and head of culture villagers called Kelian adat invited during Mapadik.This two official invited guest will signing a certificate and witnessing that the bride is not part of the villagers any more, so all responsible for culture and civil under the new civil association of the groom .all detail of the bride will be changed soonest and follow address of the groom.each parent will give some short message about Bali wedding,the essential of the massages are about a marriage and on how to make eternal family.
Question for Bride and groom during Bali Wedding ceremony

Each person or bride and groom will be asked to leave all their bad habit and they must respect each other and as well as to the Family .Before the bride leave her house , she must come and pray to her family temple to get permission and bless from her ancestor that she will leave her family this ceremony called “MAPAMIT” .

Bali wedding ceremony and reception in bride house

A small wedding reception normally done by the bride’s family and serving any kind of food to all family and Guests. It is much depend on the economic status of the bride’s family .it is not an obligatory to serve the food.

Bali wedding Ceremony in groom house

The next stage, the bride and permission to her parent and Family and leave for the groom house .The some bride’s family will come along the groom’s house.Upon arrival at the entrance of groom house , a small ceremony called “PEMAPAG “welcome arried out by the holy Priest .Both bride and groom may take a breath for a while or refresh to prepare the real Bali Wedding Ceremony .The Ceremony is commenced by a chanting of Holy Priest by inviting of the God of love called DEVA SEMARA RATIH .thus the mabea kawon ceremony ,this ceremony is for the purpose of cleansing both bride and groom from the evil or bad effect and then “Natab Sayut “ during this process with the witness of GODthey say his promise each other and they religiouslymarried .This wedding process called” NIKAH ADAT “a Bali Wedding base on customs. Those are the process for Bali wedding. At night continued with wedding reception which is attended by the youth’s people from the village.

When is the Bali wedding legally registered by Civil office

Bali wedding called Kawin adat so the registration of their marriage can be done on the same day or on the other day as long as not exceeding 6 moth after religious marriage or Traditional wedding

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