Cost Wedding Catering Bali

wedding dinner

Cost Wedding catering in Bali, price or cost for food or catering for Bali wedding can be various, it depends on the item menu included, the number of the items included, type of cuisine preffered, and theme of set up.

What foods are served for wedding

Indonesia is rich of culinary traditional due to each region has their own traditional cuisine which is wellknown in Asia and even worldwide. From west Indonesia such as Sumatera or Padang, they have a welknown Rendang, in Java they have sate, and in Bali is very popular with spicy suckling pig, in Sulawesi you may have Cotto Makasar, and many other cuisine you may have during your wedding in Bali .

Menu for wedding dinner in Bali

You may try Traditional menu, Indonesian Menu , Mix East Meet West Menu, Western Menu or Asian menu. From our menu list, we found that traditional menu is the cheapest one. Indonesian menu is a bit higher, and the highest is Western menu

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