Christian Wedding Ceremony

Christian Wedding Ceremony

Christian Wedding in Bali

Christian is one of the 6 religion recognized by Indonesian government, in this Christian In Indonesia is Christian Protestant. For those who want to have a legal wedding that the wedding couple must poses a religious ceremony.
Is Foreigner can get married in Christian in Bali
The foreigner can get marriage in Christian in Bali; the wedding couple must provide the following document:

  • Copy Passport
  • Copy Baptism certificate
  • Shoulder photo
  • Delegation letter from your Church addressed to the  Christian Church in Bali

Is the Christian wedding recognized by other country?

Your religious wedding in Bali can`t be used for any legal purpose in your country unless you registered your marriage legally in Bali. To be able to do so some additional paper works are required like Birth certificate, Letter of non impediment of marriage issued by your embassy or consulate office based in Indonesia or Bali .For some countries  the   legal marriage certificate issued by Bali Registry office need to be legalized by  Indonesian foreign affairs, Judicial affairs,translation of marriage certificate and legalization by your embassy

Christian wedding can get married outside Church

The wedding venue can be in some respective location like chapel, beach, villa and certainly in the church. Christian wedding package can be created by your wedding planner

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