Change Name After Married

Change name after married in Bali

Change  name  after married in Bali .Your marriage certificate with your current name which mentioned on your passport.changing name into new name is not authority of Bali registry office .You need also to know  the marriage certificate  which is issued by Bali registry  office is legally recognized by Australian government but  the name printed  is base on the name  in your current passport  not just married name .on how to change your name  after marriage ,bellow is the information we got from” department of foreign affairs and trade”

Have you changed name?

Before a passport can be issued to you, the Australian Passport office must be satisfied as to your identity and Australian citizenship status. This ensures the integrity of the Australian passport issuing process and guarantees a world class, highly secure travel document for all Australians
If your current names are different for your Australian birth or citizenship names, you need to provide the documentation that your new names have been formally registered with a Registry of Birth, Deaths and Marriages (RBDM) or the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.
The names appearing on your passport must be exactly the same as the names appearing on the relevant document. No variations are permitted
Names that will appear on your passport
Australian passport are normally issued in the names that appear on your full Australian birth certificate issued by a state or Territory RBDM,or an Australian citizenship  certificate obtained from the department of immigration  and citizenship. These document are considered to be your base personal`base`personal identity documents.

In the event of a name change, there must be a clear link from your `base` personal identity document  the changed name you want o appear  on your passport so we can ensure you the same person.

Documentary evidence you must provide.

If you are renewing your passport and wish to have different name(s) to that on the previous passport ,you will need to complete  all full passport application form, and provide documentation in support  of your change name.

The following original personal identity document can be accepted in support of your change of name when applying for a passport

  • A full birth certificate issued by a state or territory RBDM in Australia  and endorsed with your change of name detail
  • A change of name  certificate issued  by a state or territory RBDM in Australia ( or in a certain circumstances, a marriage certificate issued  by foreign  authority )
  • An Australian  citizenship or notice obtained from the department  of immigration citizenship showing  your new name
  • A registered relationship certificate  issued  by a state or territory RBDM in Australia
  • A court order stating   that a person to be known by a new name
  • A Decree  nisi issued by a court
  • A revocation of a registered  relationship certificate  issued by a state or territory RBDM in Australia
  • A death certificate of spouse or a partner issued by a state  or territory RBDM in Australia( or ,in certain circumstances a death certificate  issued  by a foreign authority ) or a deed poll certificate issued by an Australian state  or territory authority responsible for registering name  under a law of that  state territory .

For the purpose of passport issue we must sight your original personal identity documents to confirm that you are the person applying for an Australian passport and are using the identity in the community

Free replacement of your passport following marriage/recognized relationship/divorce/death

Under certain conditions, the Australian passport office can  replace a passport free of charge if you wish to change your name  on marriage, divorce ,entering into a terminating a recognized relationship or death  of a spouse, currently , application for  replacement passports must be made within 12 months of the event that resulted in the name change .The replacement passport showing  your new name  will be issued with the same expiry date as the passport being replaced .

The above information is not following any update information, for further information you may contact your Department of foreign affairs and trade of Australia

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