Buddhist Wedding Ceremony

Buddhist weddng in Bali

Buddhist Wedding Bali Ceremony

Buddhist Wedding Bali Ceremony can be carried out in Buddhist Temple or other respective location. Buddhist Wedding Ceremony outside vihara or Buddhist Temple is lead by a “Romo Pandita” .

Indonesian population are composed by multi ethnic and religions, Buddhism is becoming part of one religion recognized by Indonesian Government. For those couples who are holding Buddhism faith or religion can get married legally in Bali, either they are coming from Indonesia or abroad as long as the can provide legal paper works required by Bali registry office.The many good option wedding  venue for Buddhism weddingin Bali.  The religious wedding ceremony can be conducted either in the Vihara or in the hotel, villa, where you stay. The Buddhist religious wedding is lead by a Monk and Romo, your wedding planner will prepare all the ingredient might be needed for your ceremony, like offering made of flower, fruits. The Monk will prepare other thing which only allowed prepare by a monk or Romo, like holy water, Buddhist statue. The ceremony commenced by lighting of 5 candles with different color, a pray, answer question Romo and repeating some mantra. Yellow cloth and ribbon has very important rule and meaning full for Buddhist wedding. Further arrangement for Buddhist wedding please trust to your wedding planner and organizer

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