Buddhist Wedding in Bali

Buddhist weddng in Bali

Buddhist Wedding in Bali

Buddhist wedding in Bali is one of religious wedding performed and recognized by Indonesian government. Buddist wedding can be performed either in the Buddhist Temple which called”Vihara” or in other respective places like hotel,villas.Most of Balinese wedding couple get married in Buddhist Temple. The ceremony is led by the monk.

Buddhist wedding perform outside Temple

Most of  wedding couple from outside Bali request for wedding outside the Buddhist temple due to want to get different atmosphere.Some monk might be willing to bless the married outside temple area and some might be not ready for that.We assist some buddhist wedding couple to get married in other respective wedding venue .

what paperwork needed for Buddhist Wedding

In General the Buddhist marriage  require the same paper work as other religion wedding as long as both bride and groom are Buddhism.All the equipment of your wedding ceremony will be prepared by your wedding planner and organizer

Cost for Buddhist wedding in Bali

Buddhist marriage cost is depend on the inclusion of your package ,the number of guest attends the wedding and quality venue selected.The package can be customize or we do our best to follow you .

Buddhist marriage  in Bali legal

As we inform earlier Buddhist is one of the religion recognized by government and as long as fulfill all requirement is legal and can be registered by registry office.Base on the new rule you married especially for Indonesian citizen can be registered where you are recorded,it is as on your ID card.For Foreigner wedding couple will be registered by Bali registry office.Further informationon Buddhist wedding please feel free to contact our wedding consultant.

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