Best Bali Wedding Planner

Best Bali wedding Planner

Best Bali Wedding Planner is easy to find, but trusted Bali Wedding Planner need some efforts and recommendation. Bali Wedding Planners who are listed in Bali Wedding Association have good reputation, as before they are accepted to be a member in Bali Wedding Association, the Wedding Planner Company must possess and fulfil a legal requirement, and they also must have office in Bali.

How to find good Wedding Planner?

You should find out about how many year they have been running the bussines and find out their consistency on their bussines field, and also how they response to your wedding inquiries. They never offer package below market price. Some customers may find best price for their Bali wedding event but if the wedding package offered is much lower than the market price then you need to put question mark (?).

Why Wedding Planner charge a wedding planner fee?

If you are planning your wedding one year in advance, the Wedding Planner will start working for one year duration in relation with your wedding. Starting from asking questions about wedding budget, wedding venue, wedding package, legal wedding information, wedding ceremony information, style of  decoration, wedding vendor list, wedding run down, coordination on wedding day until the end of your wedding. All of these efforts will cost for staff, office rental, equipment and staff allowance. All these expenses are taken from wedding planner fee.

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