Balinese Blessing Ceremony

Balinese Blessing

Balinese Blessing Ceremony

Balinese Blessing Ceremony is a prayer for any person who believe in Hindu Bali Tradition. It is for the safety, health, happiness, eternal realtionship for married couple and harmony in life. Balinese offering and decoration are included in Balinese Blessing. Local Balinese Hindu has many types of blessing such as birthday blessing, marriage blessing.

Balinese Wedding Outfit and Balinese Makeup 

It is a great moment and you may experience the Balinese outfit such as Balinese wedding outfit or Balinese traditional dress for temple festival. The Balinese outfit especially Balinese wedding outfit can be clasified into some types which are Simple, Madya and Payas Agung. Gold, black, yellow and red color are usually color that is used in Balinese wedding outfit. For those guests who wish to experience Balinese Blessing may wear balinese outfit or not. It is not an obligatory

Balinese Blessing Venue and Package 

We have selected some venues which are suitable for Balinese Blessing. You mau have Balinese blessing in your villa, private garden, or beach. Check the link below for blessing package or we can provide a Balinese Blessing Package base on your budget and need.


Balinese Blessing Package (click link below)

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