Balinese Blessing Ceremony

Balinese Blessing

Balinese blessing is a spiritual ceremony that is part of Bali traditional custom consisting of a purification body and soul ,welcoming of good spirits. Balinese Blessing involve some Balinese traditional offering which is full of symbolic and philosophy. The  Balinese Blessing is lead by the Priest called Pemangku .

Balinese Wedding  Blessing

Balinese wedding blessing is part of the  ceremony  dedicated for human being  which in  Bali called “Manusa Yadya “.Since the human being in a mother womb already having ceremony called Magedong gedongan. This type of blessing  normally  given once the  womb in  7 month old.After baby birth  they will have  a ceremony start from one month seven days of Balinese lunar calendar  which called TUTUG Kambuhan , this ceremony  is purposed to purify the mother body and soul so then she allowed go to Temple and  other holy places .Once the baby in 3 month old in Balinese lunar calendar  the baby given ceremony call  Telu Bulanan , during this ceremony  the baby start introduced with  the mother earth , the first time touch  their feet on the earth.One the child grown and already  17 Years old will be given  another ceremony called “Raja Sewala” other ceremony  like tooth filling  and wedding ceremony and the last  ceremony  for human being  once   pass away called Ngaben .

Who can follow Balinese Hindu Wedding

We just want  to note  that Balinese blessing can be followed by the  Hindu follower only,for those non Hindu wish to have a Balinese blessing so then they will have a ceremony called Sudhiwadani ,it is a ceremony for embrace Hinduism 

Where We can Hold the Balinese Hindu wedding blessing ?

The  Hindu wedding blessing mostly can be  taken place in a House compound at Family Tempe  but for  foreigners Balinese Hindu wedding Blessing can be taken place in the  Villa , hotel or any other respective place.The ceremony can take about 45 minutes .For any further Balinese wedding blessing  arrangement , please liaise with our wedding planner

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