Bali Wedding For Two

Bali wedding for two

Bali wedding for two is a wedding package created just for You and I, which means only for bride and groom. Wedding package for two can be just for wedding commitment, religious wedding, and even legal wedding.

Recommended venue wedding for two

Generally wedding for two can be in any beautiful place as you like but should not too big for you as it will be costly. The wedding for two can be in the One bed room villa, beach front hotel, beach wedding, garden wedding or chapel wedding.

Idea wedding package for two

This kind of wedding package can be arranged into a full package wedding which means you may include all the wedding items you like with your prepared budget. Your wedding for two my include hairs do and make up, photography, videohgrapy, romantic dinner, spa treatment, and even you may add Balinese entertainment.

How about my witness for legal wedding

Legal wedding for two can hire witness, or our wedding team can be your witnesses, and it is valid in your country.

Cost Wedding for two

Cost of the package is vary, start from US$ 900 can have your wedding in Bali, any question or inquiries for wedding package feel free to consult with us

Wedding package for two in Ubud 

Alila  Ubud 

Royal Pitamaha Ubud 

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