Bali Wedding Tradition

Balinese wedding tradition

Bali Wedding Tradition 

Bali wedding for Balinese people called” Wiwaha” which mean it is one of the live stage of Balinese  people  which called Grahasta.It is part of  Catur Asrama.Grahasta itself  commenced with Brahmacari , grahasta,wanaprasta  and Biksuka .Many wedding vows also said that marriage is joining or relation of two person  between adult  man and  women which is recognized by law and united by a certain duties and right .Both party  become one  in relation  with born children due to the marriage .

Hindu Wedding 

Hindu wedding  is an order  from religion  to release  their acestor`s problem which had died .Hindu wedding is recognized by  Family  if the couple already had their  wedding in Hindu  Procession .

Type of Hindu wedding in Bali

There are 8  type of Hindu Wedding  in Bali, the first wedding called  Brahma Wiwaha.The marriage base on own choice and like each other of both party ,this type of wedding the most common practiced wedding nowdays .2nd is Daiwa Wiwaha ,giving a bride to groom  which already been blessed by the Hindu Priest, this type of wedding very rare practised in Bali .3rd wedding  giving a bride to groom  after the groom family give dowry of cows  to bride family .This type of wedding also very rare recently  but still can find in Bali .the fourth wedding  type called  Prajapati wiwaha: giving the  bride after father of bride giving an order or message  to both bride and  groom  and  Bride give her respect to  groom .Asura Wiwaha,it is almost the same as  the arsa wiwaha but the different on dowry , the dowry is not a cow but can be in the form of gold , jewellary.Gandharwa wiwaha,a marriage happened  due to the desire for sex .Raksasa wiwaha, a force marriage which the groom  kidnap the bride after  family house is devastated .this marriage no more practiced as again the humanity and law.Paisaca wiwaha, a groom  force the bride  and marry her . no longer practiced  in Bali .

The marriage system in Bali

The marriage system in Bali can be classified into 4  method.1st one  called Meminang, which mean  the groom`s family will visit the  bride`s family and express their goal to take her daughter to be a wife .after  both family agree thus  best day for the marriage day will be selected .2nd method is called Ngerorod or escape wedding , the bride escape from home without any  notice for marriage  but the groom will put a message that  he and she like each other and want to marry .The family of the groom will follow it up to bride family to say apology  about this matter .System of Nyentana which mean the groom will marry the bride and groom will leave their house and stay at Bride`s fam house .the last system is force  marriage or called Melegandang . A Marriage without any love sense . .No one practice it any more  

Hindu Wedding procession

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