Bali Wedding Planner During Covid

Bali wedding planner suffering during COVID

Bali wedding Planner survive during COVID 19? Bali wedding planner is experiencing similar case with other business sector in Bali, however Bali wedding business is the most struggling during Covid 19 and also Hotelier. Most hotels and wedding venues closed their business temporarily and are waiting for certain circumstances related to Covid 19 to improve.

When Bali Tourism and Bali wedding open?

Bali tourism is open, but currently only domestic tourists visits Bali but the number is also pretty small as some people still prefer to stay at home for safety reason. As for wedding event, it is allowed for an intimate wedding only with very small attendees and they must also obligatory follow the health protocol issued by government:  wear mask, wash hand with soap, body distancing.

What is the rules for buffet lunch or dinner

Buffet lunch is still able to be conducted but with slightly change of service manner provided by hotel or catering. The catering companies will provide more staff-in-charge to serve you. In each buffet station, there is one staff-in-charge to serve you and take the food for you. All staff is equipped with handgloves, and face shield. Organizing wedding event will spend more compare to before Covid 19 happened. As we need to spend more money for hand sanitizer, staff in-charge, and also set up dinner with special set up.

Any Special wedding package during Covid 19?

As mentioned above, organizing wedding during Covid will spend more for the health protocol, however in some point the price decreased such as cost of accommodation for guests during attending the wedding. At this situation, you will get special price as most hotels in Bali offer best deal price even half price of normal season before Covid 19 happened. Once you are planning wedding in Bali, you may get special deal wedding package by contacting our wedding planner team

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