Bali Wedding: Indian wedding

Most of Balinese is Hindu followers but they are holding many different ceremonial rite compare to other Hindu in the World. However many Hindu Bali learnt Veda from India and therefore you can find many Balinese or Hindu people in Bali understand about the ceremony rite of Hindu India. Bali Shuka Wedding has experience in handling some Indian weddingby using Sapta Padi and Agni Hotra. Sapta Padi means seven stage of living which the people must pass it.

The Bali Wedding ceremonial process is different with the ceremonial rite of sapta padi. In Bali there are many location you may use for your Indian wedding like Grand Hyatt, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel. Indian mehndi artist can be also found in Bali, Indian food as well. Many Indian restaurant can cater for your Indian food. For Indian nationality who wish to get married legally in Bali, they must apply their certificate of non impediment through the Indian Embassy in Jakarta .


Indian Wedding Ceremony |  Hindu Indian Wedding in Bali

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