Bali Wedding Entertainment

Bali wedding entertainment option

Bali wedding entertainment some time quite hard to appoint which one to be selected however as Bali tourism is cultural tourism including wedding destination.The Government of Bali suggested to include Bali Traditional entertainment as one of wedding entertainment.

Common Bali wedding Entertainment

For local wedding very common to used joged bumbung as an entertainment for wedding,Joged mean dancing . On this session the guest might be invited to dance with the dancers.The music used accompany the dances is made of Bamboo which called Bumbung as they a hollow hole on it.another two Baliense traditional drum also played as a leader of Gambelan.It is a fun dance called social dance.

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Other Dance recommended

Other dances can be put on your entertainment list is legong dance ,leg mean movement and Gong is one of the gambelan.This legong dance will follow the gambelan.Legong dance can be used as a welcome dance. Romantic dance which called oleg tamu lilingan orBible Bee falling in love.This dance representing a couple falling in love and ended with presentation of Warior dance.warrior dance is symbolic of the groom how strong he will maintain their relationship and responsible for their family

any other modern dance ?

Finding out a suitable  and  trust  entertainment for your wedding is not so easy , as you aware that Bali  is  well-known  as a tourist destination due to  the  hospitality , beauty of the nature and also art creation of  their people . many art work in the pass is just for the religious purpose and entertain the king and community , since the tourism industry  growing well , many dances used for  the show for tourist and also during wedding party .There are wide range dances  , start from traditional  to modern dances  created.

Many out side  influences brought  into Bali  and  create new version of dance . For instant prominently  in Bali we only know traditional fire dances  but nowadays we have  modern  fire dance .we also have our social dances which  locally called  Joged Bumbung, this type of dance  can be performed during the wedding party. The dancer of Joged  bumbung can  invite the guest to join and dance with them. Other traditional dances  normally used  for wedding party is the dance called sekar  jagat ,this dance is dedicated to welcome  the guest  upon their arrival in the wedding venue .Many wedding couple now choose modern dance for  their wedding party entertainment like : Belly dance , fire dance , sexy dance.

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