Bali Wedding Effected By COVID19

Bali wedding

Bali Wedding effected by COVID 19?

Bali wedding is a dream for most wedding couple from all over the world. Many wedding couple wish to experience Bali wedding, however the recent Covid 19 has stop these dream. Bali as a wedding destination much depends on the country who send many wedding couple to Bali like Australia, China, India, Europe, and also domestic wedding. Meanwhile many country has lockdown their country and domestic flight among region within Indonesia including Bali already reduced. Meanwhile many country has lockdown their country  and domectic  flighht among region within  Indonesia  including Bali already reduced. But do not worry, during Covid pandemic, all Bali wedding venue are still well maintained, and once the covid 19 situation recover, we are in Bali ready to assist you and help your dream becomes true.

Many wedding venue options are waiting for you in Bali. This time we pray for the world, all friends, and also our customers who have been trusting Bali Shuka so far to always be in good health and away from COVID 19.

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