Bali Wedding Chapel

Bali Wedding Chapel are the most searched wedding venue in Bali

Bali very rich in art and culture.Bali also open to any outside culture may come into Bali and effect the existing Balinese art and culture however it is a kind of thing to enrich and creates a new creation for Balinese art, for instant may Bali chapel built using many different architectures however most of the chapel or kapel concept just giving you a clear glass house in order you may view the best vista from inside chapel like ocean view chapel ,sunset chapel. Ornament inside the chapel of course created with their best interior design for instant the nine cloud chapel at St.regis, the offers you minimaliz and luxury ornament.

Blue point chapel offers you a fantastic sunset vista, wiwaha chapel give you nice setting of chapel on the cliff top and on the end of the chapel you may take a photo like titanic cruise, Bali diamond chapel it is a true giant diamond on the grass you can imagine while you are inside the diamond chapel, Tresna chapel also offers you a magnificent sea view very nice interior, green landscape around the chapel. Mirage chapel, it is a semi indoor and out door but offers you best deal chapel by the beach, Amanda chapel a small chapel but cozy located on the 2nd floor. Blue point chapel is located in uluwatu, stunning view ocean vew and sunset, the Ritual chapel adopted one of traditional house in Sumatra, best ocean view and sunset. can accommodate up to 70 pax inside the chapel.

Bali Wedding chapel gives any benefit to their customers

Most of the chapel in the Island provides you a ready or set of standard decoration, it makes easier to all wedding couple.However some Bali wedding chapel also provide an upgraded bali wedding chapel decoration subject to additional cost.

What type of decoration provided by Bali Wedding chapel

Almost hundred persen Bali wedding chapel provide a fresh flower decoration but they also prepare an artifical flower decorations based on request .Artificial flower decoration some time provided by pre wedding photo at Bali Chapel wedding

What Specific Rule applicable in Bali Wedding Chapel

Each Bali wedding chapel has their own rules to be followed. Some chapel may have a high restriction if bring outside vendor like photographer,videographer,decoration,entertainments,foods and beverages.An entrance fees might be levied for any outside photographer or videographer.Further detail of each Bali wedding chapel , please consult with our wedding consultants.Bellow are some bali wedding chapel for our choice

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