Bali Wedding Ceremony

Bali Wedding Ceremony

Bali wedding Ceremony ?it can be a question for all of you who plan Bali Wedding. On your perception is  Bali wedding  ceremony  a kind of  Traditonal Balinese Marriage ? it is right or not right  . Why?as in  Bali  you may find  some  type of wedding ceremony  as bellow :

Wedding Commitment

Wedding commitment is a ceremony which has no any denomination to a religion ,the  ceremony will be lead by a celebrant.This  ceremony has no any legal binding but only your commitment each other ,this type ceremony normaly also include  best reading of marriage ,what is marriage,exchange of vows, exchange of wedding rings, proclamation of marriage .This type of package  normally taken by  overseas wedding couple who already possesed a legal marriage in their country and  has no any religion denomination

Religious Wedding Ceremony

For Indonesian Couple ,a religious marriage is a must as it is based on Marriage law of Indonesia that Indonesian couple might be able to register their marriage through Bali registry office if they already possesed a religious ceremony. For a religious ceremony will require some paper works might be requested by  their religion offices . Indonesia is multi  religion country  which composed by  Christian , Chatolic , Hindu , Muslim , Budhism .each of this religion has their own rule for running their  ceremony .After a religious ceremony done , the religion office will issue a marriage certificate  and thus they may proceed to register it through registry office .The civil  registry office issue a legal marriage certificate , this legal marriage  certificate  can be used in the future for any civil matters , like birth certificate for baby an so on .

Legal wedding for Foreigners

As explained above that the foreigner may have their legal wedding in Bali as well however the ceremony will be commenced with a religious  ceremony , please advise your religion .The following paper works  must be prepared for  religious and legal ceremony

a. Legal Ceremony for  Christian :

  • copy passport
  • Copy baptism certificate
  • copy birth certificate ,the birth certifacate must be translate into bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translator
  • either one been marriage previously must provide a divorce  certificate  or any oter letter related  and it must be translated into Bahasa Indonesia  by a sworn translator
  • Letter of non impediment of marriage issued by  Embassy or  consulate office based in Indonesia , the letter must be in Bahasa otherwise need a translation into bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translator
  • Copy passport of witnes or ID card if your witness are Indonesia
  • Police report  about your stay in Bali ( it can be assisted by your wedding planner and organizer or escort you to police office on the same day as your visit  to consulate office .
  • After marriage the wedding couple receive a marriage certificate in Bahasa and english
  • For some countries in order the marriage certifate which is issued by Bali Registry office can be accepted  in their country need a legalization  by Indonesian foreign affairs , Indonesian Judicial affairs  and also legalization by Embassy .

Wedding Packages

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