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Bali wedding cakes Creations

Bali wedding catering from Bali Shuka Wedding also offers a Bali wedding cakes creation. Offers many artistic cakes with various choice cake flavors. Rose petal three tiers wedding cake fondant covered with statue on top and ribbon circled. It can be made with a combination of real cake and fake cake. It depends on your budget, we can make one top real cake and two bottom fake cakes or even we can make all real cake.

Another interesting wedding cake creation is two roses two tier fondant covered with blue and silver ribbon. Dendrobium two tiers wedding cake, brooch 3 tier wedding cake with sateen ribbon and we have more options for your choice. Peony ruffle four tiers wedding cake covered with fondant and white sugar paste.

Are Hotel in Bali allowed to bring Bali wedding cakes from outside hotel

Once you choose your Bali wedding venue in the hotel, you must comply to the hotel rules. Some hotels does not allow you to bring wedding cakes from outside hotel unless you pay an entrance fee or based on the agreement during your bidding. Some hotels can provide a wedding cake, with design based on your request.

What Type of Bali wedding Cakes available

You can find any flavor of wedding cake such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate wedding cake, fruit cake, etc. The wedding cake is normally cut during wedding reception. A decorated knife is prepared your wedding coordinator as well.

Your Bali Wedding planner and organizer will assist you in preparing wedding run down and put a schedule for cake cutting. During cut-the-cake session the bride and groom may feed each other using the cake which symbolize that you are sharing everything together from today on, start from the sweet of your cake and also your live. You share the fun, happiness, and also the sadness. The bridegroom may gives a slice of wedding cake to beloved parents and finally can also be share to your guests.

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