Bali Villa Wedding

Bali Villa Wedding Planning

Bali villa wedding is quite different compare organize wedding in the chapel or hotel . Each private villla has their own rule applicable one of the rule is minimum stay  required , security refundable deposit . if either one of the  guest make any damage in the villa so the cost for repair or replace is taken from the security deposit. The amount of  security deposit is vary ,it is depend on the size of the villa or number of bed room.

Other fee  you need to pay is Banjar fee . Due to the location of the villa within the community and the event some time disturb them ,as a compensation banjar fee is charge . This fee is normally used the by the banjar for the building maintenance  and also funding any social activities in ” Banjar”. During the event  the Banjar it self provides a local security for look after  or assist  the traffic of any transportation to  event  venue .other fee might be charged is  function fee .This function fee is charge equal to nightly villa rate  but for some villa charges  dearer and lower that nightly villa rate

What is the  Benefit  Bali Villa wedding

Bali villa wedding provides you  higher privacy , you may dring your own catering services ,beverages , entertainment,Sound system and many other thing  you may  bring yourself

What is the curfew time for Bali Villa wedding

Bali Villa wedding provides different  curfew time , it is depend on the location of the villas. Most of the villa allow the  music till mid night and after that only allow you un plug music

What Cost for Bali Villa wedding

Cost for bali villa wedding is  vary ,beach front villa dearer then just  garden view villa . Other factor is number of bedroom ,items of services ,also as a factor of bali wedding villa price.Once you decide bali as your wedding destination ,tell us you wishes and budget. we are happy to assist you

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