Bali Villa Wedding Packages

Bali Villa wedding packages enrich choice of wedding packages in Bali

Bali villa wedding packages is getting popular and many couple looking forward to get married in Bali. Bali offers a wide range of wedding venue selection can be in the Bali chapel, bali hotel and Bali Villa. For those couple who want to get married in the villa especially with many guest or big group, so they must consider some as supporting facilities in order the event running smoothly. one of the aspect you really consider is about Tenor marque tent. Tent for a big wedding has very important rule, for the tent you may choose as your need.

Tent size can be varystart from the smallest size with 3 meter time 3 meter which called Aladin Tent, Tent with size 5 time 5 meter. Another style called Octagonal Tentwith size of 12 x12 Meter,the octagonal tent look very nice as the are provided with ceiling,lamp,cloth decoration in white, clear plastic side curtain and ceiling fan. The flooring with carpetto make a comfortable and convenient atmosphere. another art of Tent called Parabolic Tent, a diversity of size can be provided as your need.

The smallest one is 10 x 6 M or about 60 Meter Square and 10 x 12 Mand the biggest is 10 x 18 M or 180 M square. another point you must also consider to get married in the villa is about electricity. Not all villa can supply sufficient power supply and therefore the wedding organizer must supply another generator. Villa also has a restriction like until what time is the music allowed. Villa might be only has some rooms and therefore some time the invitees need a toilet and the wedding planner must add this to their costing for mobile.

Parking premises is a big issue as well when we hold a wedding in the villa again for Big wedding, person in charge to manage and responsible for parking must be appointed clearly.Do not worry all your event in the villa will run smoothly and to avoid any stress for the wedding couple we recommend to use the services of Bali wedding planner, wedding coordinator in order your dream come true and meet your expectation.

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