Bali Travel Tips

Bali Travel Tips for Bali tour

Traveling abroad might be exciting for first experience traveler and some time lack of preparation due to no experience however through my short article hope will helpful for those need our informations.

You already plan your trip and before decide check out the following:

Bali Travel Tips about Bali’s Season

Bali has two season , dry and Rainy Season .Dry season occupy Bali for six month but during dry season still some time little pouring .dry season come on April till October and Rainy season during November till march but you can also find some sunshine during rainy season .

Bali Travel tips about Tourist Season in Bali

Most of the hotelier in Bali applies the Tourist season into three part, low season, high season and peak Season. During the low season the hotel will put a normal price , for high season hotel charge a supplement and during the peak season is the most highest rate applicable .The high season normally from mid of July until end of September, the peak season applicable from 24 Dec – 6Jan. for the peak season hotel apply different date ,some hotel put peak season till 10 Jan .please check out to the hotel concern

Visa Enter into Indonesia

Please check if your country entitle for any choice of visa either visa on arrival or you need apply visa through Indonesian embassy in your country but otherwise you may check Indonesian Embassy in your neighbor country .To be able to enter Indonesia or Bali you must holding a valid passport at least for 6 month accounted since your arrive Bali .

Your Travel Document for Bali Trip

Please check your travel document if all OK including your travel insurance.Make the photo copy of your passport and other travel document to include Travel insurance document, telephone number of our embassy or consulate base inBali .Please keeps all of those copy documents separate from the original.

Travel Cheque in Bali

Most of the shop expect cash payment or credit card,not all the shop will receive travel cheque in Bali,the most well known travel cheque is American express .To cash your travel check might be done at Authorized money changer or Bank .To cash it you need to prepare your passport.Money Changer,when you change your money please just change your money via authorized money changer or bank. the biggest note has very stable exchange rate and small note 1 , 5,10 has lower rate .The exchange rate from day to day is very fluctuate , Sunday and Saturday is not recommended to change your money unless you really need as the rate better during working days

Upon your arrival at the Airport

Upon your arrival at the airport you will pass the immigration and custom desk , the immigration will check all your travel document including visa and also you need to pay visa on the desk for visa on arrival ( VOA ) ,please just prepare small note money like 1, 5 ,20 to make you easier when settle the visa fee .Visa fee is vary much depend on the length of your stay start from 25 US$ .For the custom check ,please do not bring any things in Hughes amount as it will be regarded as importing unless you have import license and all document need is completed .

At Denpasar Airport has a porter service but you may use his service or not , it much depend on your needs , if you use their services please prepare a fix note that you want to give them. Normally one bag cost Rp 10.000 or US$ 1.2.

When you out from the exit you will find many people holding the hand sign for picking up the guest if you appointed some one or agent to pick you up sure they will be there but otherwise you may come to taxi counter to get your taxi to the hotel .they apply the fix rate over there and no bargain

Bali departure taxes

When you leaving Bali for your country you need to prepare money for pay Airport tax it is only payable in Local currency.The amonut you need to prepare please ask the reception desk of your hotel

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