Bali Renewal vows

Bali Renewal vows ceremony is appreciation of Love  and strengthen your relationship

Bali renewal vows ceremony is an appreciation of love ,strengthen,respect your  relationship which have been  united for years together for happiness life  – Balinese people divided the stage of living into four stages, the 1st stage called “Brahmacari”, during this stage the people expected to get the education as high as possible, it is for a preparation to face the next step of living calledGrahastaGrahasta is the most beautiful and challenging stage of living ,”Grahasta” mean the people found their soul mate and step forward into a wedding ceremony or Bali wedding ceremony where they start manage a small family. During this stage they will face so many challenges of living for instance how to manage family’s financial, how manage the egoism of each ,how to understand each other, how to trust each other. When the couple can manage and pass the 2nd step so they already comfortable with every things, economically, family so to reflect their love to his or her beloved partner so they may visit bali for Bali renewal vows ceremony

The renewal marriage vows can be witnessed by their son, grand children .This kind of ceremony is a good sample to the younger generation on how manage family ,respect the partner in order having an eternal marriage and family. The renewal marriage vows can be carried out in the hotel, chapel or at any places perhaps giving a deep memory of the couple it self. The liturgy of renewal vows can be created or the couple might be prepared it.

Bali Shuka provides some bali renewal vows  package for renewal vows at Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, Novotel, The laguna, Stregis, Grand Hyatt, Bali Hyatt, Nikko Bali, Samaya Villa .

After they successfully manage the family and on the certain age they will not think further about wealthy,luxurious thing and what the couple need is tranquility ,doing more charity to pure people, learning more about religion this step of living called “Wanaprasta” the last step called “Biksuka” a preparation to face the last time in the earth or death .

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