Bali Private Villas Wedding

Private villas wedding mean the villas is allocated only for your wedding party and no other guest stay in the villa. Wedding in a private villa may have some rules apply as follows:

  • Most of the villa apply cerfew time for sound system till 22.00 Hours
  • Banjar Fee, most of the private villas are located around the local community or called desa or village or  banjar. And therefore all the villas within their territory has a duty or obligation to mantain the Balinese culture together like Balinese Gambelan and dance tradition. Banjar fee is imposed  to wedding couple who hold wedding event in the villas. The amount of the fee is vary, it depends on the location of the villas.
  • Event fee or function fee, on top of your nightly rental fee you also pay an event fee to the villas. The amount depends on the villa's rule. Some villas may charge equal to one night rental, and some villa may charges higher than nightly rental fee


What is the benefit of private villa wedding?

  • The venue is guarantee private, no other person out of your group will be in the villa
  • You may bring  your own wedding planner and vendor in to the villas like catering, sound system, generator, wedding florist, and all other vendors who supports your event


How long you need to book wedding in Bali Villas

  • To hold a wedding in a villa that you dreamed of, you need to make advance search and make a booking with a deposit to secure the space.
  • The amount of deposit depends on the agreement with your wedding planner or villas.  In general the required amount is around 30 % non refundable deposit
  • Your Wedding Planner company can assist for booking or provide you Bali Villas wedding Packages


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