Bali Legal Wedding

Bali Legal Wedding Requirement

Bali Legal Wedding require some paper works as a pre arrival documents for your wedding in Bali.Once you plan to get married in Bali you need to prepare this wedding documents,you should make  a search  whether your Bali marriage is legal or Not .In order  you Bali marriage is legal  so then  the wedding couple need  to prepare some document a few weeks  before  get marriage in Bali.Some basic document must be provided  like  copy passport,copy birth certificate, letter of non impediment of marriage.each  country  has their  own  rule  for getting married  abroad , so please please check  all procedures or in bahasa called”syarat nikah” of getting marriage abroad  through your  nearest embassy office  or can ask your professional  wedding planner .

What is CNI ?

Some  Bali wedding planner or coordinator call the letter of non impediment as  CNI ,which  mean  certificate of non impediment of Marriage

Who does issue CNI for Legal Wedding

Bali Legal Wedding for Foreigners need a CNI.As stated above  each country  has their own rule for it , the CNI is about stating your current marital status .If you are  currently being united by a marriage sure  you will not receive this CNI,but if you divorced  or your previous partner pass away , sure you will get your  CNI.The  CNI  can be issued by the  nearest registry office in your country and then  have an endorsement   by your  country representative in respective country or  Embassy or consulate office .please note this information is about general information on getting letter of non impediment of marriage  for some countries may have different rules on it

Bali Legal Wedding cost include CNI?

Bali Legal Wedding cost is not include CNI , the Cost for  CNI is on top of wedding packages, the cost for CNI of each country is vary, it is much depend on the rule of each country , as  your money  will go to  your  government`s account

How we pay for  CNI

Most of the  CNI must be paid in local currency and base on  valid exchange rate on the day of  payment made .It must be paid  in cash and no credit card accepted .so please be alert of it .

Legal Marriage certificate

Your Bali legal wedding certificate or marriage  certificate issued by Bali registry office is in bilingual ( Bahasa Indonesia and English ) .Again refer to the rule of each country , for some nationalities need to legalize their marriage certificate to Indonesian  foreign affairs , Indonesian Judicial affairs and your  embassy  and the cost normally  not covered on wedding package , further  detail on Bali legal wedding you may contact our wedding planner

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