Bali Legal Wedding Services for Foreigners

Bali Legal Wedding for Foreigners in Bali

Bali legal wedding for foreigners that we have featured are Bali Legal wedding for Australian, American, and British. So what happened with other nationality, our answer is most of the foreigner are possible getting married legally in Bali, bellow is the information :

Bali Legal Wedding for Dutch

Many Dutch couple either both from Dutch or cross between Dutch and other nationality, the most important is your Bali wedding is recognized by your country as well and therefore you should get an appropriate information about Bali legal wedding. The marital status, this letter can be obtained in Holland or nearest civil office in your area, further information you may contact your Bali wedding coordinator

Bali Legal Wedding for Deutschland

Deutschland also possible to get married legally in Bali or to have Bali legal wedding either with among Deutschland or other nationality. In order to get married legally, the couple must obtain the certificate of capacity to contract marriage at civil registry office in German, the letter called ”ehefähigkeitszeugnis“. Other paperworks you need to prepare are copy passport, birth certificate, and some other documents

Bali Legal Wedding for France

For France citizen is possible to have legal wedding in Bali, some paperworks required such as copy passport, birth certificate, and CNI. France embassy in Jakarta is ready to help you in issuing your certificate of non impediment (CNI) by sending all your detail that might be needed to France embassy. It is needed maximum 2 months but in this case you do not need to be present in front of Ambassador. After the marriage also need further paperwork processing in order your marriage can be recognized by your country.

Bali legal Wedding For Russian

Russian, for Russian wedding in Bali can also do a legal wedding as long as you can show us a letter free of contract marriage issued by Russian Embassy based in Indonesia, you need to visit Russian consulate in Bali for this process and domestic and international passport is required. Other process or paperworks after married is still required in order your marriage can be recognized by Russian Government. Bali Shuka wedding assistant is ready to help you for further arrangement of your wedding

Bali Legal Wedding for New Zealand

New Zealander, do not worry for new Zealand citizen. You can also solemnize your wedding in Bali but please provides us all the legal wedding document needed. For new Zealander need to obtain your certificate of non impediment of marriage through the registry of birth and death office in new Zealand, all payment is made in New Zealand, and the letter must be proceed to New Zealand Embassy in Jakarta for a consular letter. Further process please send your e-mail to our Bali wedding assistant

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