Bali Legal Marriage Requirement

Bali Legal Marriage Requirement for British Citizen

For British wedding couple who plan to get a legal marriage in Bali needs to prepare the following documents: copy passport, birth certificate, swear affidavit. Swear affidavit can be obtained in British consulate in Bali, advance appointment and payment is required. The Birth certificate, absolute divorce letter if any need to be translated into Bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translator. Your Bali wedding planner can assist for this process. The payment for swear affidavit at Consulate office can be done via credit card of payment by post office, payment by post office you may ask your wedding planner to assist.

What are other requirement?

To get marriage legally in Bali you also need to proof your religion by providing your baptism certificate for Christian, need copy of  ID of your two witnesses, fill wedding application form, hotel registration form which known in the hotel as For A. This For A is as proof that you stay in Bali area for a certain of time.

Where I can get wedding application form?

When you already confirmed both venue, date, and other arrangements for your wedding in Bali, your wedding planner can supply it via email. You need to fill it and return in once you filled it in. The wedding application form contain about detail for both bride and groom including both parent and witnesses.

Why the wedding couple need photos?

The shoulder photo with size 4 x 6 cm landscape printing style required, it will be for your marriage certificate both religious marriage certificate and legal marriage certificate. The background color of the photo is red.

What requirment for Muslim?

Generally have the same requirement but both bride and groom must be muslim and the ceremony will be carried out in muslim way. The certificate issued is called :Buku Nikah"

Our wedding need to be legalized by our embassy office?

There are a certain country that need a legalization from Indonesian foreign affairs, judicial affairs, and embassy office. Further detail information you may consult with your wedding planner or direct to your embassy office.

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