Australian Passport for Australian Citizen

Processing times and priority service

The Australian Passport Office seeks to keep passport application processing times to a minimum. However, in return we ask that you apply for your travel document well in advance of your expected travel date.
The Australian Passport Office is commited to finalizing eligible application within 10 working days of receiving all the information and documentation we require. In most cases we finalise application even more quickly than this. If you need your passport in a hurry, you can use our priority processing service, under which applications can be completed within two working days.

However, if you are applying at an Australia Post outlet (whether for standard or priority service) you should allow extra time for your application to be forwarded to us and for your passport to reach you by registered mail. Australia Post can advise about delivery times in your area.

You can help keep processing times to a minimum by ensuring you provide everything we need at the time you lodge your application. Your application may be delayed if you do not provide the necessary supporting information and documentation at the interview. For example, child passport will take longer to process if full parental consent is not provided.

Applying in Australia

More than 1500 Australia Post outlets act as passport agencies. You can collect and lodge application forms, attend interviews and pay fees at these outlets. To find an Australia Post outlet near you, call Australia Post on 131 318 or visit You may need to contact Australia Post for an appointment before lodging an application form. You may also lodge applications at regional passport offices if you need to travel urgently because of unforeseen, compassionate reasons or other exceptional circumstances, or if you require a travel document other than an Australian passport. However, you will first need to arrange an appointment for an interview by calling the Australian Passport Information Service (APIS) on 131 232.

Note: Applications for Documents of Identity for travel to Norfolk Island may be lodged with Australia Post.
Applying overseas

Overseas you can lodge passport applications at any Australian embassy, high commission or consulate. To find one near you visit
In some circumstances and some location overseas you may lodge your application by mail. You should contact your nearest Australian diplomatic mission or consulate for advice on lodgement procedures. An eligible applicant’s full-validity passport will be available for collection or dispatch from the relevant mission within 10 working days of a passport interview if all our requirements are met. You should allow extra time for local mail delivery.

In Australia, passport application forms must be lodged in a person at a personal interview. To avoid delays, make sure you provide everything you need on the day. Bring to the interview:

  • Your completed passport application form (please use neat handwriting)
  • Your application fee (which is generally non-refundable if your application is unsuccessful)
  • Your priority processing fee, if applicable
  • Your lost or stolen passport fee, if applicable
  • All documents and photographs requested on the form

Note: all documents must be originals, not photocopies.
Priority processing service
This service is available only within Australia and from our diplomatic missions in London and Washington.
The service guarantees that your passport will be ready for dispatch within two working days of us receiving everything we need from you. However, you should allow extra time for your application to reach us by mail and for your passport to be returned to you by registered mail (unless you arrange to collect it personally).
The priority processing service cannot be provided for children’s passport until full parental consent has been given. The service is also not available for application for Certificate of Identity or UN Convention travel documents.
Priority processing fee
There is a fee for priority processing in addition to the normal passport application fee. As noted, the priority service is not available for applications for full-validity passport made overseas, except lodgements made in London and Washington. However, in special circumstances overseas applicants may need to be issued with an emergency passport. There is no application fee for issuing an emergency passport but you need to pay a priority processing fee. You must present your emergency passport when applying for a new full validity passport.
Refund of priority processing fee
If we fail to reach our service standard of finalizing your passport within two working days, you may apply for a refund of the priority processing fee. You may also eligible for a refund if you are traveling for compassionate reasons, due to the death or serious illness of an immediate family member.
To apply for a refund of the priority processing fee for a full validty passport write to The Manager, Australian Passport Office, in your capital city or to the Passport Manager, Australian high Commision, London or Australian Embassy, Washington. To apply for a refund of the fee for an emergency passport, writhe to the Consul at the Australian embassy, high commission or consulate where the application was lodged. Include your full name, passport number, the date and place your application was lodged and details in support of your claim.

If you are applying on compassionate grounds, your letter should include supporting documentation such as a death certificate, funeral notice or letter from the treating doctor of the immediate family member you are traveling to see. We will reply within 14 days of receiving your inquiry. If you are eligible for a refund, a cheque will be posted to you within 30 days of our decision. If you are not eligible for a refund, we will write and tell you why.

Right of review

A decision not to refund a priority processing fee is a reviewable decision under the Australian Passport Act 2005. If you think there are grounds to appeal a decision not to refund a fee, you may apply in writing, setting out your reasons for requesting an internal review of the decisions. Application must be lodged within 28 days after you received notification of the decision.
For current priority processing fees, guidelines, definition (such as who is considered a member of your ‘immediate family’) and how to apply for an internal review of a decision visit or call APIS on 131232

Please safeguard your passport
Your Australian passport is valuable. It proves your identity and shows your Australian citizenship. When traveling overseas, it is often the only proof of identity that will be accepted.
Remember to safeguard your passport at all times. Please store it in the wallet provided to prevent damage. Additional fees apply to replace lost or stolen passports.

Further Information
For further information about passports, visit or call 131 232 in Australia. If you are overseas, contact an Australian diplomatic or consualr mission. For travel advice and practical information to help you prepare for overseas travel, go to

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