Applies Driving License In Bali

How to obtain driving License in Bali

Driving around  Bali is a great  travel experience to explore and understand Balinese culture deeper  however  for those  driving in Bali either motor bike or car  and they must  posses a driving licence .Driving motorbyke  must posses  SIM C Category and Dring 4 wheel  Car must posses SIM A Catergoy.Other then  Driving license  you also need  use helmet when drives motorbyke , no drink alcohol and play the phone while driving , fasten your seat belt once  drive a car . please remember  that Bali driving track is on the left side.

How is the process to obtain Driving License for  Foreigner  for  A & C Catergory

  1. Fill in Driving license application form
  1. Original passport  and other imigration documents : Those are (KITAP)Permanent residence card
  2. Paspor, Diplomatic visa,member card of Diplomatic  or other identity card  if you ra e family of Diplomatic
  3. Paspor dan visa dinas atau kartu izin tinggal sementara (KITAS)  for those working in Indonesia  as skillfull worker like  teacher  and also for  Student
  4. Paspor and Tourist  visa  for those only short visit to Bali and no domicile in In Bali

Other requirement:

Health requirement about  fisical and Mental Health  includes . You will have medical check up done by appointed docter by  Bali Police office .

Can we apply Driving lincense  online in Bali

You may  apply  your International driving licences  online    by download and install the application  to your  mobile phone “ Digital Korlantas “.

Kindly prepare all documents required  before your  apply  it online 


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